Horse Betting: Then and Now

Making a bet on racing horses doesn't mean that one has to be at the track all the time. With the arrival of online sportsbook and sports betting, one can make bets online at any place in the world from the comfort of the home.

In today's age of power and technology, everything can be found on the web. All one needs is an online connection and a computer to see things through. What was once a large view is now reduced to the size of ones computer screen or lcd panel.

Even if the race itself is not as good as the live or actual race itself, it is very convenient for those on the move and do not have the adequate means to view it. One can never really miss out on the action. One can have a minute by minute account on the race that is going on. Aside from that, players can find out first hand if the horse being bet on is going to win or has just lost. There is no clouding or getting misinformed data results.

Essentially how does betting horse online really work?

There are a lot of sites up right now and one has to register to them and put in cash deposits to activate them. Once the results are out, the loses or winning are reflected in the account. It is an automatic deduction or increase in ones account.

However, some websites are not like this. There are those that would require their members to pay a small fee in order to enjoy the action. Some would even rewire a monthly service charge on a per pay, per visit schedule.

Even if the race is done online, there are rules that need to be followed and not be broken. Race conditions and race bets have to be followed. What happens is that the results would turn out in ones favor.

Most of the work done is via computers with very little human intervention. There is usually a short delay but it is negligible. For those who cannot afford to wait for the results, they may subscribe to a service that can be forwarded to them on their mobile phones.

Like any other game, there are disadvantages. They may not be large but are worth making notice of.

* No Satisfaction: Some players simply cannot find the feeling of betting online the same as betting on the actual track itself. Some feel that they are part of the action when they are at the track and at no other place. Many people, specifically the old timer bettors still feel nostalgic when they would bet at the track instead of staying at home. There are some that would want to stand and shout their lungs out to cheer or jeer at other horses on the field.

* Small thrills. Using a computer for ones viewing pleasure doesn't really inspire anyone to cheer or to shout about to "encourage" the horse. People who would want to see the whole track or every nook and cranny of the track. Some people who have the means could choose to have the event on satellite tv instead. The tv is not meant to replace the whole view of the track but given its l8imited nature, it cannot afford to show the aerial view for it would sacrifice the detailed view of the horse races. The best one can do is view the angles shown on the tv.

* Computer Glitches. Using slow, outdated hardware and probably software too in the computer would hinder the actual betting experience. The data would arrive late, and the view would be slow and sluggish.

If one can actually do away with these expectations then one is okay with whatever comes. Of course, there are the others that are very picky and would want to experience the very best.