Betting Smartly at Roulette

Roulette is definitely one interesting game that is highly favored in both European and American casinos. Its allure stems from the fact that any thing can happen at every spin of the wheel.

Roulette is a game of pure chance. No one and nothing can get in the way of your winning. That does not mean, however, that there is nothing you can do to maximize your chances at winning and your winnings in general. How you can make your winning chances better? Pay attention to the following tips:

Tip #1: Familiarize yourself on the available betting options. You cannot possibly know which bet is better if you do not recognize them at once. There is no specific winning strategy in Roulette. Using one or all of the available strategies alternately may work, considering that lady luck is in your favor. Even though nothing can assure you of a win, it is still far better to go out of the battle armed than not.

Tip #2: Inside bets can give you more impressive cash winnings. They have the higher payouts than the outside bets and that is the basic thing that should lure you to them. In as much as inside bets offer higher payouts, they also give out a higher edge to the House. That is the other side of the coin you must be wary about as well.

Tip #3: A straight bet, although pays little, gives out a better winning percentage. The first, second, and third dozens, the first and the second 18, the evens and the odds, and the reds and the blacks are all straight bets. If you do not have the heart of waiting for a one big occasional win, it would be nice if you stick to these bets. This way, you can be assured that your chips will last for many games.

Tip #4: Street bets and split bets may be difficult to manage but they pay off pretty good enough. At other times, they can pay up to 17 to 1, which is not bad. Use these bets occasionally.

Tip #5: Choose your wheel cautiously. American and European wheels vary according to the number of bets available. The former reveals an extra box, 00, which increases the House edge. As much as possible, go for the original European Roulette. You have got better chances of winning at it. Also, you may practice your skills and do the familiarization of the bets without costing you much. Try free games online to see what we mean.